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Providing Affordable and Scientifically Based Counseling for Life
Nemeth Counseling


Starting today, you can be provided with the most proven mental health and wellness counseling in northwest Columbus. 

At Nemeth Counseling and Consultation, we provide a research-based approach to therapy.  We believe in building great relationships with our clients.  This relationship begins at first contact and can lead to successful completion of treatment. We provide counseling and therapy for children, adolescents, adults, and couples.  In addition, Nemeth Counseling also specializes in family intervention and therapy.  We are different from other community providers in the area because we have no waiting lines or complicated paperwork, enabling you to see a clinician as soon as possible. 

We accept most health insurance plans as an in-network provider, including Caresource!

Nemeth Counseling is located in Hilliard.

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