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Nemeth Counseling and Consultation now offers mediation services! 

Are you considering divorce? Mediation offers an approach that provides a neutral setting for the parties to articulate their needs, interests and goals, and create a mutually agreeable solution that can be filed in court. Research shows that people are happier when they craft their own outcome as an alternative to a court and attorney-centered process. Comprehensive agreements include all aspects and details of the financial settlement (property division, spousal support, child support) and parenting plan (communication, schedules, decision making).

Family therapists meet with you to address your specific needs for a developmentally appropriate parenting plan. Trained financial specialists are part of the mediation team as well.

Fees are $135 per hour meeting with the clients individually
Fees are $165 per hour meeting with the clients together

A fee will be charged for case management phone calls.
Please call our office at (614) 849-8204 to schedule your mediation session.


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