Anti-Racism Statement - AAPI

During the past year, violent action and racism against Asian American Pacific Islander communities has increased in an overwhelming number of violent incidents. Blame for the current pandemic has unjustifiably fallen onto the laps of members of AAPI communities who deserve protection from such terroristic responses. We recognize that discrimination against AAPI communities long existed, only to be made worse with the current state of our country. We are listening to the voices of those experiencing grief and heartache while continuing to suffer such losses and face daily prejudice. 

In addition to this active violence, individuals in the AAPI community face unique challenges that can gravely affect their mental health. Stereotypes, the model minority myth, and cruel name-calling can all contribute to the perpetuation of stigmatization and dehumanization. These forms of racism must be addressed and combatted to ensure the safety and wellbeing of those in the AAPI community.

At Nemeth Counseling, we are deeply saddened at the increase in violence against members of the AAPI community. We will continue to make mental health resources more accessible and provide culturally aware mental health practice to those who have been directly and indirectly impacted by these abhorrent acts of racism. 

Please refer to our “Cultural Humility Statement” for specific action steps that our practice has taken and will continue to take in addressing these systemic issues. 

Nemeth Counseling actively denounces all forms of racism and discrimination against any person of color and marginalized communities.

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