Anti-Racism Statement - BIPOC

The murders of George Floyd and numerous other persons of color have sparked righteous outcries and calls for action across the nation. Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) and other systematically marginalized communities have continued to experience violence and harassment throughout our nation’s history, especially during efforts for social progress. We are deeply saddened and angered for all impacted communities, and are committed to engage in discussions and advocacy to actively push towards a more equal and just system. 

The physical and mental wellbeing and safety among folks in BIPOC communities continue to be greatly threatened and harmed. We are listening to those who are suffering at the hands of injustice and we strive to continue learning and implementing anti-racism principles in our work and within our community everyday. We recognize that the structural and institutional racism being brought to light in the current climate has long existed, and we will continue working to propel social change and justice in dismantling these systems of oppression. At Nemeth Counseling, we will persist in providing and improving our mental health services to those affected, both directly and indirectly, by these horrific acts of racism and oppression by implementing anti-racist practice through a culturally-humble and intersectional lens. 

Please refer to our “Cultural Humility Statement” for specific action steps that our practice has taken and will continue to take in addressing these systemic issues. 

Nemeth Counseling actively denounces all forms of racism and discrimination against any person of color and marginalized communities.

Additional Mental Health Resources for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color: 


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