Black Lives Matter Statement


The murders of George Floyd and numerous other persons of color have sparked righteous outcries and calls for action across the nation. Since this time, these systematically marginalized communities have continued to experience violence and harassment throughout our nation’s history, especially during efforts for social progress. Feelings of anger, grief, and racial trauma resound throughout all communities and have for some time. These voices are calling us to acknowledge this systemic notion that the lives of some are deemed less valuable than the lives of others. We are listening.

We recognize that the structural and institutional racism being brought to light in the current climate are not new; however, the racial injustices and public response, coupled with the pandemic have pushed these topics into the open and started an important and necessary public dialogue. We hope to continue this dialogue in the spirit of change and progress.

Equally, we are saddened and angered for all impacted communities, and are committed to engage in discussions and advocacy to actively push towards a more equal and just system. While we don’t have all the necessary answers at this time, Nemeth Counseling actively denounces all forms of racism and discrimination against any person of color and marginalized communities.

The lives and safety of the LGBTQ+ community have also been brought into the spotlight; we recognize the discrimination and violence this community has faced and continues to face, especially transgender People of Color. In light of our nation’s recent reversal of health protections, it is important to express our continued and unwavering support of the LGBTQ+ community. We believe the LGBTQ+ communities’ mental and physical health, in addition to safety, is paramount.

It is our belief that all individuals are valuable, unique, and welcome at our practice. We strive to ensure our therapists are trained in cultural humility and best practices while using a trauma informed lens to provide a safe space and effective treatment for all people with mental health struggles. As we move towards our engagement with these issues, we will continue to put equality and social justice at the forefront of our conversations to ensure the safety and well being for everyone in our spaces. 

In alignment with our statement, we intend to continue our work with challenging racial injustice through taking many actionable steps. While we are still internally discussing possible options, we are focused on increasing accessibility to services for people of color and marginalized groups. With this, we are reevaluating our sliding scale fee, connecting with community agencies, and seeking information on pro bono work to expand our accessibility to those in need. We also plan to create a diversity and inclusion task force whose purpose is to evaluate our agency and determine appropriate actionable steps to support our anti-racism work. Furthermore, we want to ensure that all clinicians are trained in anti-racism informed counseling practices through the requirement of a mandatory CEU training provided by staff with knowledge in these areas.

We will continue to inform the public of our ongoing work to address racial injustices and help individuals heal from racial trauma.

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