CARE Program

Substance Use Counseling

Substance use disorders impact people from all walks of life and occur when the recurrent use of alcohol and/or drugs impact your life and those close to you. People struggling with substance use and mental health disorders tend to experience negative health side effects, disruptions in relationships, in addition to other occupational and/or legal consequences. We understand both the complexity and uniqueness that managing substance use and mental health can have on an individual. That is why at Nemeth Counseling we offer several services seeking to come along side you in your journey towards healing and recovery.

In our Dual Diagnosis Program, you will find clinicians trained specifically to consider the wide variety of issues that are often involved when treating co-occurring substance use and mental health disorders. This is a non-intensive, individual counseling program for adults. Through collaboration with your therapist, we believe that counseling can not only help to identify the root cause of the addictive behavior, but provide solutions aimed at helping you regain and maintain a more balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Substance Use Assessment

Perhaps you’re unsure if you have an issue with alcohol or drugs. Our Substance Use Assessment may be a good place to start.  We offer an individualize and comprehensive substance use assessment of a person’s history and current use of substances. During this assessment, you will also be evaluated for any co-occurring mental health concerns. Following this assessment, your clinician will be able to make a recommendation for the best level of care to meet your needs.

Court Involvement

For those who may need their clinician to be involved in legal matters, there will be a $400 retainer fee due at the start of treatment. This retainer will be utilized to cover the time a clinician will spend on case management paperwork regarding legal matters. A $200 fee is required for any appearance a clinician will need to make in court. This fee is due at the time of the appearance.

Clients may refer themselves, be referred by another provider, or be referred due to court involvement.


Office Hours

Individual therapist schedules vary


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