Mimi Wilhelm

Mimi Wilhelm, SWT

Location: Hilliard

Mimi completed her undergraduate degree in Psychology and Creative Writing at Brandeis University.  Currently an MSW II student at The Ohio State University, Mimi focuses clinically on Mental Health and Substance Use.

Mimi’s evidence-based practice blends Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Schema Therapy, Solutions Focused Therapy, Narrative therapy, Logotherapy, and mindfulness. Through a strength-based lens she helps clients identify and tap into the resources they possess, teaches individually tailored coping mechanisms, effective communication skills, emotion regulation, stress reduction techniques, and directs clients to engage in healthy forms of externalization and processing.  Logotherapeutic elements contribute to increased personal fulfillment of clients through transformation of past difficulties into present advantages. 

Combining with her belief that clients are the expert on themselves and their aspirations, empowerment within and beyond the setting of the therapeutic sessions result.   

Mimi has experience providing play therapy and academic assistance to children with intellectual disabilities, designing evidence based psychotherapeutic program curriculums, and volunteering with adults with substance use disorders.  Directly prior to her clinical internship at Nemeth, Mimi facilitated social skills development groups with children from socioeconomically disadvantaged backgrounds.

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